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In this day and age, everything is online. When you first hear about something, you Google it and check out the website. Web designers study visual design, human-computer interaction, and programming to make the Internet beautiful and functional.

Why study Web Design?

Web designers decide the look and feel of webpages for corporations, charities, startups, governments, and more. You'll have the skills and flexibility to work on high-impact projects in areas that matter to you.

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What's Web Design all about?

Form and function.

Great web design doesn’t just look good, it takes into account the way people think and feel as they navigate a site or app. You’ll be ready to interview as soon as you graduate because you’ll learn a lot: programming of course, but also psychology, marketing, aesthetics, statistics, and more.

You'll learn how to:

Career Pathways

UX Researcher
Web Designer
Web Content

What makes us special?


Business and management skills are built into the program to provide you with a variety of engaging and lucrative career paths.


We consulted  hiring managers from top web companies to find out what they want to see more of from their new hires - it's all here.

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