Project Management

Learn leadership and management skills which can provide meaningful employment and massive opportunity in any industry through our Project Management program.

Why study Project Management?

Project Managers are some of the highest-paid professionals in the country. As one of the only schools in the country offering a degree program in this expanding field, you’ll be poised to start a lucrative job in the field of your choice upon completion.

Median Annual Salary for Project Managers
New Job Openings in the Field per Year
New Project-Oriented Roles by 2027

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What's Project Management all about?

Bring ideas to life.

Company leadership has a vision, and the people executing on that vision have the skills to build something great. The Project Manager is the central figure who brings it all together. Turn ideas into strategy, and strategy into concrete goals and milestones to help your team reach the finish line.

You'll learn how to:

Career Pathways

Purchasing Project
Delivery Manager

What makes us special?

Marketable, Meaningful Skills

For students developing their skills through this accessible yet rigorous program, your LinkedIn and resume will impress from the moment you graduate.


A good Project Manager knows a little about a lot. Learn strategy, programming, leadership, business theory, and more—and learn how to bring it all together.

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