Certified Financial Planning

Develop the skills of wealth creation, the tools of wealth management, and learn the art of setting financial goals all in a field that’s growing faster than the national average, and was named the #4 Best Business Job by US News

Why study Certified Financial Planning?

Built by the best minds in personal finance, this course will open career paths in this fast-growing industry, and certify you for success.

Median annual salary for Personal Financial Advisors
Job growth above the national average for Personal Financial Advisors
of Americans ages 65 and over consult financial planners when planning for retirement.

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What's Certified Financial Planning all about?

Help shape financial futures.

Certified Financial Planners know the ins and outs of investing, saving, and money management. You’ll learn to guide clients through some of the biggest moments of their lives and be a resource for them when times are tough.

You'll learn how to:

Career Pathways

Wealth Management
Client Services
Personal Financial

What makes us special?

Become a Finance Pro

Learn to mold financial futures through the right tax, investment, and money choices. Help others chart their course to security and financial freedom.

Exam Ready

CFP Board exams demonstrate expertise and quality in the field. You’ll feel confident and prepared to take them the moment you’ve finished this program.

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