Data Analytics

Data drives every important decision being made across the globe, from local companies to multinational corporations, governments and beyond. Our Data Analytics program ensures that you’ll have a master of the data skills necessary to turn your degree into a career the moment you graduate.

Why study Data Analytics?

Modern institutions have integrated data into every aspect of their operations - leveraging statistics to make more informed decisions is incredibly important. Our curriculum advisors are industry leaders who have spent decades at the top of their fields.

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What's Data Analytics all about?

Find the meaning in the math.

Data analysts design and execute experiments to measure important trends. How much inventory should we order this month, how much do customers typically spend on our website, are we allocating our marketing budget effectively? You’ll learn the right questions to ask and how to crunch the numbers.

You'll learn how to:

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Operations Research

What makes us special?


Courses are built on projects, not “make or break tests,” because we want you to graduate with the skills you need to succeed at a job, and the portfolio hiring managers want to see.

Industry Options

In the past, data analytics belonged in the IT department, but now every field, from marketing to public health and government to sports management, requires data analytics.

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