Cybersecurity Highlights

Cybersecurity is one of the nation's fastest-growing career fields with over 460,000 open positions in the US alone. Our program is business-oriented, giving students a rounded and practical experience that expands beyond IT skills alone.

This program will teach students how to build practical defenses against cyber attacks by "hardening" networks and devices, investigate breaches, and ultimately how to think like a hacker to find and fix breaches.

Developed with Fortune 500

We consulted leading faculty, experts, and companies in the field to develop this program.

Median Salary of $90,000+

According to Lightcast, cybersecurity professionals earn a median salary of $90,757.

Hybrid Learning Options

Some courses in this program are taken online & powered by Rize, giving students the best of student life with the flexibility of some online learning.

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Program Details

Why Cybersecurity Matters

Our modern world is built on technology, and that technology has become vulnerable as hacking has become more automated and profitable. This cybersecurity program consists of two fundamental focuses.

Cyber Threats: Learn how to identify, neutralize, and prevent them from happening.

IT Skills: Learn the fundamentals skills that often pair with cybersecurity in the real world.

Curriculum Highlights

You'll take courses like Cybercrime and Governance, Modern Cybersecurity, Cyber Forensics, and the Ethical Hacking Capstone.

The hardest course in this program is the Capstone which serves as the culmination of all of your work.

Career Pathways

Like all of our innovative degree programs, this one targets a high-paying, fast-growing, and low-unemployment industry.

Security Analyst
Security Manager

What makes us special?

Real World Learning

We consulted cybersecurity experts and Fortune 500 companies during the creation of this curriculum. It's designed to meet the entry-level job needs of both small and large companies.

Students who complete this curriculum will be well positioned to obtain a number of certifications which will increase their employability, including Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, and Certified Forensic Examiner.

Influenced by Experts

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