Computer Science

The expanding job market for computer scientists, engineers, coders, analysts and developers means a degree from our program - co-created with Google engineers - is your surest path forward to a lifelong, lucrative career.

Why study Computer Science?

Computer Science may be the single most valuable discipline of the 21st century, opening doors in every industry on Earth. Every conceivable career path is enhanced with an understanding of how computing works, the languages of technology, and the opportunities to transform everything it touches.

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What's Computer Science all about?

Technology for the Future

A degree in Computer Science is a versatile beginning to a career in technology. Whether your interest is creating software, managing engineers, or designing new systems for industries or governments, you can get your start right here.

You'll learn how to:

Career Pathways

Computer Research Scientist

What makes us special?

For Everyone

Many Computer Science programs assume you already have some experience in the field. This program gets you up to speed from square one.


You’ll be building from the beginning, with courses designed to earn you valuable industry certifications, and complete your degree with an impressive portfolio of actual work including website builds, app builds, and a knowledge of multiple computing languages.

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